We help agri- and food-innovators with bringing innovative food products to the market.

This can otherwise be quite the challenge.

New food can be defined as: food that is not yet on the European market, or food that is on the market but for which new applications can be added, such as health-enhancing (eg superfoods) or for medicinal use.

To help you identify new applications and to help you bring innovative new food products to the market, experts from different areas of expertise – legal and scientific – have joined forces.

We can give you advice and practical support.

Call us to enquire about the possibilities.

Examples of scientific support:

  1. Identifying new health-beneficial/medicinal applications for your product
  2. Expanding your product line
  3. Identifying new opportunities in the market
  4. Proof that your product is safe
  5. Bringing new food products to the market

Examples of legal support:

  1. Adding a health claim to your product
  2. Protecting your new applications from competition

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